Logiq Tower: The Ultimate Form of Brainteaser Fun!

If Tetris and Jenga are your thing, you will love this awesome new game from inventor Marko Pavlović.  My family has been having a blast trying to come up with solutions without cheating.  So far, out of four adults that have attempted to find a solution, I am the only one who found one (and I cheated).

It's such a great idea to challenge your mind and why not do it while having fun and enjoying family time?  My little one is only two and is always trying to figure this game out.  I love watching howher little mind works and I'm sure she finds it funny that mommy and daddy can't solve the Logiq Tower.

This game is perfect for humans of all ages in my opinion, but the recommended age is 8+.  I'm all about games that don't require batteries and this one makes my list of favorites.  The Holidays will soon be approaching and I suggest you order a Logiq Tower for your significant other or your kids.

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