Logiq Tower™

Logiq Tower™ is a brainteaser extraordinaire. A stacking tower consisting of 15 unique pieces yet with more than 22,000 possible solutions. The goal is to build perfect cylinders around a central column using a combination of unique inner and outer puzzle pieces. Definitely challenging and admittedly addictive.

As you carefully interlock one piece with another, the stroke of genius is but one move away. With 4 different levels, Logiq Tower™ appeals to children, teens and adults.

Designed in Croatia and made entirely out of wood, Logiq Tower™ is produced using recycled & recyclable materials and water-based, non-toxic dyes. Promotes concentration, logical thinking and problem solving. Logiq Tower™ is a patented invention.

The Idea & Design

From an academic perspective, the designer's objective was to create a brainteaser toy using a polyomino-based language. In the end, pentomino-based shapes, each comprising of of five prism-cubes (pento = five), were created to form the puzzle, and these unique pieces were to be set within a cylindrical framework.

In order to complete the puzzle, players would have to build inner and outer puzzle pieces, filling in the gaps along the way, until a complete cylindrical tower is finished.

Logiq Tower™ uses a polyomino-based design language – a language whose family includes the well-known Dominoes and Tetris games.

Logiq Tower™ uses a polyomino-based design language – a language whose family includes the well-known Dominoes and Tetris games.

The pentomino forms in this context are of course curved to comply with the surface of a cylinder. Calculations and experimentation revealed that 12 different, free pentominoes produced 35 different curved shapes.

The fact that the curved shapes inherently reside in a rotational space resulted in a reduced number of unique rotational positions, thus reducing the total possible number of combinations.


To solve this dilemma of reduced complexity due to the rotation of parts, inner elements were created to interlock with an outer layer. Altogether, around 50 different shapes were designed. The next step in the progression of the invention, a base with a central post was added for better game play and stability.


In order to analyze the puzzle pieces and possibly modify the pentomino designs for maximizing the total number of unique solutions, a California-based software engineer Scott Kurowski was commissioned to build an application that generated every conceivable solution [1]. This solution engine produced tens of thousands of matrices, removing mirror image duplicates and helping optimize the final puzzle design's play value [2] .

[1] Unique solutions do not take into consideration reflected or inverted versions of the same solution i.e. duplicates are common, due to the three-dimensional nature of this puzzle. Duplicates of each unique solution are counted as one and the same solution and are thus removed from the total solution set tally.


The final puzzle design consists of a base with a central post, 5 inner and 10 outer pentominal pieces. The total number of all possible unique solutions found across 4 levels of completed cylinders is 22,069 (with 507,587 eliminated duplicates).

Development of a life-size model

The model was made using raw MDF - a wood fiber sheet. All pieces of the prototype were cut and processed in a small wood-working studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

Product specs

- Material: Eco-friendly rubber wood (hardwood)
- Color: water-based, non-toxic dyes (visible wood texture)
- Storage: cotton pouch
- Size: 118 mm (4,6 in) high x 93 mm (3,6 in) diameter
- Weight: 500 grams (1,1 lbs)

Play Factor: Stacking tower brainteaser

The goal of the puzzle is to stack inner and outer pieces around the central rod to build complete towers of various heights.

Build complete towers without any gaps

By using a different number of inner and outer elements (from as little as 6 puzzle pieces to the entire set of 15 pieces), when stacked correctly, one can form full cylindrical structures [3] of differing height levels. Taking this into account, this toy offers a range of difficulty - suitable for varying age groups, both children and adults. However the time needed to solve each level will vary from person to person and the complexity is not always related to tower height.

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[3] Full cylindrical structures have no gaps in their surface. Only full cylindrical structures count as fully solved cylindrical puzzles.

Develop and improve your skills

Concentration - focus on one task without allowing yourself to be distracted. Full concentration is required in order to meet the Logiq Tower challenge.

Logical Thinking - reasonable, reflective thinking is critical in making the placement decisions that will deliver results.

Problem Solving - trying out new approaches and employing new ways of thinking in order to solve the spatial obstacles found in the puzzle are key to mastering the brainteaser.


Logiq Tower Speed Solving Tournaments

photo: Marija Gašparović

photo: Marija Gašparović

Interested in Sales and Distribution?

Logiq Tower™ is produced and distributed exclusively by GREAT CIRCLE WORKS Inc. (GCW)
GCW is a Toronto‐based privately held corporation that develops, manufactures and sells sporting goods and educational toys. GCW also produces and distributes OBLO™ Spheres puzzle and world‐renowned Zipfy Mini Luge snow sleds.

EN   Brainteaser extraordinaire. Stack inner and outer pieces around the rod to build towers of various heights. With more than 22,000 unique solutions, the stroke of genius is but one move away. This toy is produced using recycled & recyclable materials, chemical free rubber-wood and water-based, non-toxic dyes. Designed in Croatia.

FR   Jeu de réflexion extraordinaire. Composez les pièces intérieures et extérieures autour du bâton pour bâtir des tours de différents niveaux. Avec plus de 22000 combinaisons uniques, une solution ingénieuse n'est toujours qu'à une étape près. Ce jeu utilise des matériaux recyclés et recyclables, d'hévéa sans composés chimiques, de teinture à base d'eau. Conçu en Croatie.

ES   Extraordinario rompecabezas. Apila las piezas del rompecabezas interiores y externas alrededor de la barra para construir torres de alturas diferentes. Con más de 22,000 soluciones únicas, el golpe de genio está a un solo paso. Este juguete está hecho con materiales reciclados y reciclables, libres de químicos de caucho, tintes acuosos, no tóxicos. Diseñado en Croacia.

DE   Anspruchvolles Gehirnjogging. Legen sie In- und Außenteile um den Stab, um Türme von verschiedenen Höhen auszubauen. Mit mehr als 22 000 Lösungsmöglichkeiten ist die geniale Lösung nur einen Spielzug entfernt. Dieses Spielzeug ist aus recycelten und recycelfähigen Materialien hergestellt. Naturkautschuk ohne chemische Zusätze, auf Wasserbasis, ohne die Gesundheit gefährdende Farbstoffe. Designed in Kroatien.

IT   Incredibile rompicapo. Consiste nel collocare i pezzi interni ed esterni sull’asta ed intorno all’asta centrale per costruire torri di diverse altezze. Con più di 22.000 soluzioni uniche, la combinazione vincenteè a portata di mano. Questo giocattolo è prodotto utilizzando materiali riciclati e riciclabili, caucciù, senza l’aggiunta di additivi chimici,  colorato con tinture atossiche a base di acqua. Progettato in Croazia.

PT   Quebra-cabeças extraordinário. Colocar as peças internas e externas sobre a haste para a construção de torres de alturas diferentes. Com mais de 22.000 soluções únicas e jogadas geniais. Este brinquedo é produzido com materiais reciclados e recicláveis, madeira emborrachada livre de produtos químicos, à base de água, corantes não tóxicos. Projetado na Croácia.

JA   並外れた 脳活性化パズル。様々な高さの塔を構築するためのロッドに、内側と外側のピースを置きます。22,000 以上のユニークな解決法で、あなたの天才的ひらめきがひとつ、正 解を生み出すでしょう。このパズルは、リサイクル素材で、再リサイクル可能な材料を用いて生産されて います。無農薬、ラバーウッド、水性、非有害染料。

HR   Fenomenalna mozgalica. Slažite unutarnje i vanjske dijelove na štap i oko njega kako biste izgradili kule različitih visina. S više od 22,000 jedinstvenih rješenja, prava je kombinacija nadohvat ruke. Igračka je proizvedena od recikliranih i obnovljivih materijala, kaučukovog drveta bez kemijskih aditiva te netoksičnih boja na bazi vode. Oblikovano u Hrvatskoj.