New 3D Brainteaser Logiq Tower™ ‐ Building Blocks for Brainiacs

Great Circle Works Inc. ‐ Logiq Tower™ is a riveting new 3D brainteaser that challenges spatial comprehension and logical thinking – building blocks for brainiacs.

With fifteen unique shapes to interlock around a central post, all you have to do is figure out how to complete a perfect cylinder by strategically fitting the pieces together. A simple premise, but not as easy as it sounds.

Logiq Tower™ takes advantage of the mind's basic pleasure in tidying up and creating a perfect world – in this case, creating geometrically perfect cylindrical towers.

Logiq Tower™ holds our attention by continually hinting at completion. Each movement in the game allows us to solve part of the puzzle, filling up a row or rows so that the tower appears to be closer to whole; but each move is also prone to creating an unfinished work, leaving gaps or extra pieces that cannot fit. The chain of moves can easily stretch to hours, or can unexpectedly be solved within minutes.

With over 22,000 solutions, the challenge is vast. For example, one can solve a 2‐layer tower with 6 pieces or a 5‐layer tower with all 15 pieces. This range in difficulty lends the toy well to a wide range of skill and age groups.

“My objective was to create a 3D puzzle using a polyomino‐based design language – a language whose family includes the well‐known Dominoes and Tetris games,” states Marko Pavlovic, the puzzle’s Croatian inventor. “I love the fact that both mental power and sheer luck play pivotal roles in solving the tower.”

“It’s such a thrill when you first solve the puzzle – you want to jump up, raise your arms and tell all your friends. For a while you attempt one move after another and wonder if it is even possible, but then in a flash the tower appears complete in front of your eyes and you get a rush,”
 says Mark Cahsens, owner of Great Circle Works Inc. “In fact, when not in the zone, I’ve had to give up after a half hour, while at other times, I’ve created a perfect cylinder within a few minutes. Very challenging and admittedly addictive.”

Logiq Tower™ is produced using chemical‐free rubberwood, a sustainable hardwood maple, and water‐based, non‐toxic dyes. The puzzle pieces are dyed in 3 vibrant colors: red, sky blue and lime green, with the base and central post brushed white, with the wood grain remaining visible through the dyes. Instruction manual and starter solutions are provided, along with a convenient cotton bag for easy transport and storage.

Logiq Tower™ is a patent pending invention.

Product Specs

‐ Recommended age: 8+ yrs.
‐ Material: eco‐friendly rubberwood (mature hardwood)
‐ Color: water‐based, non‐toxic dyes (visible wood texture)
‐ Includes: cotton pouch for storage, instruction manual with solution hints
‐ Size: 120mm high x 95mm diameter (roughly 5 inches high x 4 inches diameter)
‐ Weight: 500 grams (roughly 1 lb)
‐ Designed in Croatia. Made in China.

MSRP is $24.99 with distribution in general merchandise and toy specialty retailers across the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and elsewhere.
Logiq Tower™ comes in a red, blue and green color combination with white base and post.
Logiq Tower™ will be available in stores in the spring of 2013.


GREAT CIRCLE WORKS Inc. (GCW) is a Toronto‐based privately held corporation that develops, manufactures and sells sporting goods and educational toys. GCW also produces and distributes award‐winning Oblo Spheres puzzle and world‐renowned Zipfy Mini Luge snow sleds.


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